Our Commitment to Accessibility

At Turnitin, we believe that learning technologies should not limit, but enhance learning for everyone. Our accessibility program aims to incorporate accessibility into the entire product development lifecycle to ensure that our website and applications are accessible and usable.

Accessibility Standards Compliance

At Turnitin, we aim to conform to WCAG 2.0 AA standards of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. But, we believe that accessibility standards are more than checklists, and are working to make our learning technologies easy to use and accessible by everyone regardless of disability or circumstance.

Current Compliance

Turnitin has partnered with The Paciello Group, experts in user accessibility and compliance, to produce a set of Voluntary Product Accessibility Templates (VPATs), which can be viewed by clicking the links below.

Accessibility Roadmap

Turnitin has engaged accessibility consultants Deque Systems to help us develop a new, more accessible version of Turnitin. The new platform has been designed with accessibility in mind. The first steps towards this goal will start with the beta in Summer/Fall of 2015 which will make use of accessible frameworks and colours. User acceptance testing of the full solution, including further platform changes, will start Fall/Winter 2015 and should be in by Spring/Summer 2016.

The new version of Turnitin aims to include:

  1. A new accessible color palette that meets WCAG 2.0 AA color contrast ratio guidelines
  2. Student ability to log into Turnitin using a keyboard or screen reader
  3. Student ability to enroll in classes using a keyboard or screen reader
  4. Student ability to access their classes and assignments with a keyboard or screen reader
  5. Student ability to make submissions with a keyboard or screen reader
  6. Student ability to access instructor’s General Comments using a screen reader
  7. Student ability to navigate through the Evaluation Viewer menus with a screen reader
  8. A text-only alternative of the Originality Report will remain available to students
  9. Closed captioning for Turnitin training videos on the Turnitin website

In addition to the changes above, Turnitin has incorporated other accessibility milestones into subsequent releases. Key focus areas include:

  1. Student ability to consume on-paper marks left by the instructor using a keyboard or screen reader
  2. Ability for students with hearing impairments to consume voice comments left by the instructor
  3. Student ability to navigate through the Evaluation Viewer with a keyboard

Global Accessibility Awareness Day

Global Accessibilty Awareness Event Photos

As part of Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) on May 21, 2015, Turnitin hosted a day of awareness for employees at its Oakland headquarters, which featured a presentation by Lucy Greco, Chair of the Electronic Accessibility Leadership Team at University of California, Berkeley, as well as accessibility challenge games, and disability simulation stations. Open community discussions reinforced Turnitin’s commitment to inclusive design, ensuring a positive experience for all types of users, regardless of disability or circumstance.

Contact Information

Turnitin is committed to providing a fully accessible product that serves the needs of all types of users. We want to hear from you. Please send your feedback and questions to accessibility@turnitin.com

Revision Date: 06/25/2015