The Plagiarism Spectrum

Instructor Insights into the 10 Types of Plagiarism

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Revision Assistant : Behind the Scenes

Understanding the Technology and Pedagogy That Powers Revision Assistant's Formative Feedback

This paper takes an in-depth look at the technology and content that powers Revision Assistant, a new stand-alone product from Turnitin that delivers formative feedback to students as they write. Creators Elijah Mayfield and David Adamson explore how they partnered with educators to build Revision Assistant’s content from the ground up, and how the tool leverages cutting edge machine learning to give students feedback when and where they need it most.

How People Learn : What Educators Should Know

Paul Bruno

PhD Studying Education Policy, USC Rossier School of Education

In this session we will discuss what the best evidence says about teaching and learning, addressing such issues as the relationship between knowledge and skills, effective methods of instruction, how to provide feedback and encouragement to students, and how to avoid common education-related misconceptions.

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Turnitin Global Effectiveness

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Revision Assistant : Behind the Scenes

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Revision Assistant Pilot Study Review

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The Effectiveness of Turnitin in Higher Education

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The Effectiveness of Turnitin in Secondary Education

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Prompt Up the Jam

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